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How To Arrange Narrow And Limited Space Apartments

Unlike tread houses or land, the size of a standard apartment does have limited space and is not too broad. Like the type of studio that is designed minimalist because it is intended as a residence for 1 person, the apartment is practical and easy to clean every day and also easy to decorate. If you want to know how to organize a narrow and limited apartment, you can just turn it into an attractive and refreshing residence especially if you choose Kopar @ Newton. You do not need to hesitate anymore to live in an apartment because of this, because with the choice of colors, materials and the right placement of furniture, minimal apartment space can look more spacious and comfortable.

Use the Open Space Concept
Avoid using classic concepts that require a lot of ornaments and motifs on the design. Choose a simple contemporary or minimalist design. The use of lightweight insulation for privacy that separates the living room and dining room can be by using multifunctional furniture such as display cabinets, TV stands, bookshelves and so on to organize a narrow apartment. This can also be a curtain or curtain that will divide the room into your apartment.

Furniture Selection
Reduce the habit of buying house decorations that will make the apartment more cramped and too much stuff. The selection of small and multi functional furniture will greatly help to minimize space usage. Examples that you can make a reference to are using a dining table that can be folded into a work table, or a TV rack that can be used as a storage rack too. If possible, do not hesitate to use the planted shelves that blend into the wall and are able to store items neatly. Cabinets like this are able to give the impression of a room that looks more spacious. However, it helps you ask the building first before installing this type of furniture.

Arranging a narrow apartment can also be done by placing other multi functional furniture such as ottoman for storage of goods as well as a small table or a seat because of the solid shape of the cube. You can also use a sofa bed that can be used as a seat during the day, or a bed at night.