Application of User Experience

User Experience is how an internet user accesses a website, an experience they get from the website. One of User Experience’s example is exploring all the features of existing websites, seeing the appearance of its website, and carrying out procedures for successful product/service transactions.

As we said earlier, UX by ux designer is one of the fields that is developing very recently in line with the growth of e-commerce. Creating a user-centered design should include strategies in the following areas:

Project Management
User Research
Usability Evaluation
Information Architecture
User Interface Design
Interaction Design
Visual Design
Content Strategy
Web Analytics

This UX development might involve a team of web developers who have fantastic rates. But, really, with the time or money or energy already spent that’s your conversion rate/sales rate will most likely go up. Google itself has announced that UX is one factor in the ranking of its search engines. They claim to want to provide relevant and good results in the eyes of customers so that more and more people are using the Google search engine. Raising poor website rankings won’t make Google users satisfied. So a website must be easy to use, navigate and be understood by visitors.

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