Colors On Electrical Cables Are Not For Aesthetics

Know and understand the right ways Connecting the power cord with various colors of cable is very helpful in the process of installing electricity properly. This expertise aims to reduce the possibility of cable installation errors in how to connect the power cord. Sometimes this is like a trivial thing. However, the purpose of understanding and uniforming cabling according to color so that for installers installation, this method becomes a fundamental benchmark. So if after you connect the electrical installation cable with the correct color recommendations, then when someone else happens to make repairs to the installation, he will also easily understand the pair of the cable. Meanwhile, if you wish to avoid such a hassle, you may hire the best Staten Island Electrician to take care of the electrical installation problems at your home.

In general, black cable is a phase cable (strum). Yellow wire inline or striped for the ground wire. While the blue cable is a neutral cable. In addition, you also have to place another cable that aims to connect the switch to the lamp, for example, you use this cable in red. After that, you also calculate how long the cable you need to prepare. You also calculate the length of the cable that will be used in the light fittings as well as the cable that will be used on the switch and socket (SC). In the main electrical installation line, you prepare 3 cables, including a phase cable (strum), neutral cable, and ground cable. Usually, some homes only use phase cables and neutral cables. But adding a ground cable can make electrical current safer, especially with electronic devices that can cause induced currents.

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