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Floor Tiles Can Spread Classic Atmosphere In Your Residence

Minimalist house trends that dominate the style of residential decoration over the past few years began to cause a sense of saturation and boredom. Now, many people are beginning to glance at the timeless classic nuances of home interiors. One of them is to choose the key tile as the floor choice. The shape of tiles is mostly geometric, featuring a combination of bright colors, and motifs that have the term Azulejo become a special attraction. The motif is one of the most popular in several countries. Azulejo is a simple motif brought by the Spanish and Portuguese. Additionally, if you need professional tile cleaners, you may call the best company of Tile Cleaning Northern Beaches carpet cleaning companies near me.

Tile making is still going through a traditional process because it is done manually so that there are no shapes that resemble each other. Tiles are made of a mixture of cement and sand. Typically, measuring 30 X 30cm or 40 X 40cm.

The popularity of floor tiles in several countries began to spread in the 70s. Ceramic tiles that were in great demand at that time were cart tiles or earthenware. During this period ceramic tiles were offered in two choices, namely low quality and high-quality tiles.

Low-grade ceramic tiles are made without pressure and burned in low-temperature furnaces. Meanwhile, tiles with high quality are made by pressing and burned in a furnace with high pressure-temperature.

For the sake of installing tiles with maximum results, it’s best to immerse the tiles for 10 minutes before installing. The goal is so that the floor tiles together in the plaster.

In addition, you can also use instant cement which is only 0.5cm in size to save time on mounting floor tiles. Tap the surface of the tile using matching colored nuts to blend it with the plaster.

Then, use the process of discrystallization and polish so that the final result is perfect so that your tiles look shiny. The advantages of choosing tiles as a coating of the home floor are easily installed compared to ceramic materials.

In addition, maintenance is also quite easy. Simply use a broom and damp mop that is rubbed on the tiles. Although tiles have many motifs, the patterns are not always the same as one another, arguably similar to written batik motifs.

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