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Natural Light Can Improve The Productivity Of Office Workers

Sunlight is capable of refreshing the human body. With natural vitamin D content, good sunlight and is beneficial for bone growth. Sunlight also provides a psychological effect of “positive vibes” because it stimulates a person’s productivity. The light that is useful for the body applies only from 7 to 9 am only, the rest will make the skin at risk of cancer. Unfortunately, not all workers are getting sufficient sunlight exposure. That’s why if your office is too dark and small, perhaps you must think of finding a better coworking space near me https://easycowork.com/blog/.

The Importance of Sunlight for Workers

Many building managers assume that the distribution of office space lighting is considered sufficient to meet the criteria. With a number of energy-saving fluorescent lamps with large power, the distribution of light in the room can already illuminate and help workers’ eyesight.

This assumption is not entirely true, not even ideal. Based on a Future Workplace survey entitled “The Employee Experience”, workers crave something basic and important, one of which is natural light in the room and access to views outside the room.

From a survey of 1,614 employees in North America, more than a third said they did not get access to sunlight in the workspace. While the other 47 percent feel tired and gloomy in the workspace without natural light or windows.

The survey was also supported by research from eMarketer Mobile Research, reporting that adults in America aged 18 years spend more time in front of the screen about 4 hours per day.

Referring back to The Employee Experience survey, 73 percent of workers agreed that the more time spent with a mobile device, the more the desire to rest by walking or looking at a window.

This is caused by eye fatigue, headaches, drowsiness, stress or boredom. Exposure to natural light will have an impact on reducing stress, increasing productivity, and increasing work satisfaction.

It can be concluded that natural light can significantly improve the welfare of workers, both physical and psychological well-being. This is according to what was conveyed in Alan Hedge’s research from Cornell University.