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Things You Must Do After Arriving In The United Kingdom

You are advised to https://britishlifeskills.com/uk-spouse-visa-english-test-a1-a2/ when you are going away for some time or even living in the UK. Yes, you shouldn’t miss it because it will feel weird if you don’t understand the terms used by the British people. After all the initial stages you have done, here are some mandatory things that you should not miss when getting off the plane and landing in the United Kingdom.

1. Pass through checks at UK airports
After you land at London airport or any other city in the UK, as usual, you will pass the Immigration Control section for passport control. Prepare a Confirmation of Acceptance (CAS) letter and other supplementary documents on hand so that the process is smooth. Afterward, you can claim your baggage and head to Customs Control which monitors customs. Take the appropriate queue. If there is luggage you need to report or you are not sure, queue in the red line. Keep in mind, the UK applies strict rules regarding matters brought by migrants from abroad. You are required to report alias to declare luggage that exceeds the limits allowed by the UK government, such as cash above nominal € 10,000, alcohol, cigarettes and tobacco. Also, the UK government also applies a 2.5% customs tax if your overall default value is £ 390 to £ 630. Visit the official UK government website on customs for more information.

2. Accommodation
Flying dozens of hours to the UK will feel very tiring. For that, make sure you arrange your pickup at the airport before leaving. So when you get to the UK, you can immediately look for those who pick you up, maybe friends, family, or the university. You can also be escorted to your new residence without the hassle of searching for public transportation, and most importantly, you can rest faster. Prioritize your physical health and comfort so as not to be interrupted by prolonged ‘jetlag’.

3. Making a bank account
After you’ve recovered enough from ‘jetlag’, take time to make a bank account. But do not come directly to the bank without bringing a Letter of Acceptance from your university, because the Bank will request this as a condition for creating a Student Bank Account. This process is best done on weekdays, so you can directly contact the university so you can immediately get other things you need on the same day. This bank account can be used for your daily needs while living in the UK.