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How To Properly Clean Tiles

As a popular material used by the public, tiles are the first choice for covering walls and floors. The material is always present to fill the space in a dwelling, including the kitchen and bathroom area. Activities carried out in both areas are prone to cause stubborn stains on tiles. In the kitchen area, splashes of oil and other food ingredients will cause stains on tiles. Like in the bathroom, the remaining soapy water that escapes not cleaned also triggers stains on the bathroom tiles. If not cleaned immediately, the stain will dry out, making it difficult to clean. These conditions will make the tile surface look dull. And to make your tile shine again, you need to use the tile cleaning north shore service http://carpetcarespecialists.biz.

But there are things you could do to keep it looking shiny, you can treat dull tiles in several ways. You can pour vinegar on the surface of the floor, then let stand for several minutes. Then wipe with a dry cloth until clean. Clean again with a wet cloth so that the vinegar odor disappears while making the floor surface shiny again. But for a dullness that untreated for a long time, you need professionals because they will have the equipment needed. If the tile surface in the kitchen area is exposed to oil splatter when cooking, you might be able to use this method. Take a little flour, then sprinkle on tile floor coverings exposed to oil splashes. Then, wipe with a dry cloth, without water until the oil splashes or flour clean again. Then, wipe the tile once again with a wet cloth. It sounds unusual indeed, but these tips effectively clean the surface of the tile from splashing oil.

Activities carried out in the kitchen or bathroom area, are prone to cause scratches on the surface of the tile floor, so it will make it look not beautiful. To overcome these stains, you can remove them by mixing a little baking soda and a little white toothpaste, on a damp cloth. Then, rub on the surface of the tile that is scratched until clean.

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