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Email Verification Is Important For Deliverability

Having a large email list or email contact list in the form of leads or customers is always good for business. Why? Because you can reach them whenever you want for less. But keep in mind that sending an email to email lists does not mean that all emails will be sent especially when you are not going through the email verification process. Although trying as hard as possible to send emails to all the email lists that you have, it is not possible to have a delivery rate that reaches 100%. But you do not have to worry because there is something that you can do to maximize the deliverability of your email marketing.

First, you have to provide preferences for the subscriber. Asking subscribers about the frequency or how often they want to receive emails from you will reduce the potential for emails marked as spam and increase engagement. Besides, if you have a subscriber that subscribes to more than one list, you can ask him to update preferences and choose which email list you want to keep subscribed to or unsubscribe to avoid them unsubscribing from all lists at once. Make sure you submit the right content. Every time you want to send an email newsletter, you tend to want to increase the potential for higher engagement or commonly referred to as Click Through Rate (CTR) and reduce spam complaints. So, what needs to be done is to create and send the right newsletter content. You can find out how to make a good newsletter by reading it here or improve the newsletter with steps that can be practiced here.

Analyze the performance of your email marketing to identify what needs to be improved or reconsidered. Always keep an eye on open rate and CTR and complaints about spam after you send an email to the subscriber. If your open rate report decreases, immediately review the subject and the frequency of sending emails because those two things most influence your engagement.