There Are 3 Tips To Keep Your Bathroom Dry And Fragrant

The bathroom is usually moist and always wet. Especially if one bathroom is used by many residents of the house. However, you can overcome this problem by keeping the bathroom dry and fragrant. Meanwhile, you can hire the best Columbia SC plumbers if your toilet is clogged and it becomes very stinky.

You can try these 3 tips so that your bathroom stays dry and fragrant:

1. Separating Dry and Wet Sections

If you have a bathroom with a fairly loose size then try to separate the wet and dry bathroom area. Wet areas for example for a shower and toilet. While the dry area is usually only for the sink and puts some important objects such as towels or body care products. Separate the boundaries of dry and wet areas with a partition from a portable curtain or glass wall. Add air circulation in the wet area so that this area is not humid.

2. Consider the Drain Model

Drains in the bathroom also have an important role. If the water channel is not smooth then when used there will be a lot of stagnant water. This not only makes the bathroom moist but also smells due to dirt and mold sticking to the bottom walls and bathroom floor. Therefore make the bathroom wet floor area slightly tilted, where the water channel is centered into one. So that when used for bathing and other purposes, the water quickly flows out of the bathroom floor.

3. Pay Attention to the Storage Area

The bathroom is not only used for bathing and other purposes. Therefore some toiletries and other supplies should also be placed in the bathroom. This is very important to help so that dry area is not exposed to dirt and water from wet areas. Place a hanging cabinet and store equipment in this place. Besides being attractive with this storage model it also makes the bathroom tidier.

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